Frequently Asked Questions

What is marble pool plaster(Marbalite)?

Answer) Cemcrete’s Poolcrete is scientifically formulated mixture of white cement, white marble and special additives that permanently eliminates the need for painting. It is supplied in dry powder form for mixing on-site with clean water. Many Colours available.

What lasts longer Marbelite or Fibreglass?
Answer) Marbelite is made to be underwater, you should get betweeen 15 to 20 years if applied by a pro, Fibreglass will start to lift off the wall.
Why does my marbelite have blue or rust stains?
Answer) Large amounts of copper put in the pool stains the walls and floor. You should ensure your pool has correct PH, Free Chlorine, Alkalinity, Stabilizer levels, keep your pool free of copper products.
What is more expensive Marbelite or Fibreglass?
Answer) Fibreglass is more expensive but does not last as long as Marbelite
Can anyone marbelite a pool?
Answer) There are many generic products of marbelite on the market so be WARNED. To apply marbelite to the pool shell is an art, not just anyone can apply marbelite as you have to be trained professionally. If the marbelite is or smoothed it can cause the marbelite to go black this is called burning the marbelite. If applied correctly you get an excellent finish product. We are the leading marbelite in South Africa, take a look at our Gallery.
How do I find a reputable company to do marbelite my pool?
Answer) Take a look at the company’s website see how the chosen company is, are they approved applicators ?, Do they offer you a guarantee?
Why choose Cemcrete marble pool plaster(Marbelite)?

Answer) Cemcrete’s Poolcrete has been around for over 40 years, they are the leading supplier of marble pool plaster in South Africa. The Product is the BEST and out shines all the products that are on the market.